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Calamari Lakay  $18
Fried Calamari served with signature Aioli

Signature Barbancourt Mussels $20
Barbancourt infused Mussels served with golden-fried
green plantains 

Chiktay Aranso $18
Salted Smoked Herring served with green plantains 

Chiktay Rolls $18
Salted Smoked Herring Eggroll fried golden

Tour of Haiti
Build your own Traditional Friday choose any
combination (served with tropical Pikliz):

Akra $6/ Plantains $6/ Sake Pase Shrimp $12/ Griot $10/

Goat $14/ Beef $12 / fried fish $10

Rebel Wings $16
Signature Naked Wings tossed in your choice of savory sauce 
Kreyol/ Spicy Jerk/ Garlic Parmesan/ BBQ/ Hennessy infused

Akra (Malanga Fritters) $12
Fried Taro root grated with fine herbs and spices tropical Pikliz 

Signature Barbancourt Shrimp $20
Barbancourt infused Shrimp with herbs and Kreyol spices

Sake Pase Shrimp $18
Kreyòl Seasoned shrimp/ Fried Golden 

Kreyòl Fries $10
Fries with a twist

Seafood Fritters $18

Lobster and shrimp fried to golden brown perfection served with signature aioli


Caribbean Red Beans and Rice $10

Macaroni Au Gratin $10

White Rice $6

Sauce Rouge $6

Green/ Sweet Plantains $10

Kreyòl Garlic Sautéed Spinach $8

Signature Barbancourt Mussels $20

Chiktai Aranso $18


Traditional Haitian Soup/ Squash/ Kreyòl Spices

Djon Djon ( Haitian Black Mushroom Rice) $12


Signature Barbancourt Shrimp Salad     $18.00

Sautéed Barbancourt Kreyòl shrimp grilled to perfection over our signature salad w/ vinaigrette

Basa Kreyòl Salad   $16.00

Savory pan-seared Basa fillet served on signature salad

Rebèl Salad     $12.00

House salad with signature vinaigrette 



All entrees are served with your choice of our famous Djon Djon Rice (Traditional Haitian Black Mushroom Rice), Caribbean Red Beans and Rice, or White Rice

Rebèl Lobster $44
Golden Fried Lobster Tail and sake Pase Shrimp 

Caribbean Red Snapper $44
A whole snapper prepared to perfection/ peppers and onions/served Steamed Poisson Gros Sel/Red Kreyòl reduction or Fried Golden 

Rebel Salmon $34
Signature Salmon prepared either Pan Seared, Spicy Jerk, Fried Golden, Kreyòl Sauce

Rara Pasta

Penne pasta tossed with green and red peppers, simmered in our signature Barbancourt sauce $22
Served with your choice of Shrimp+$8, Salmon+$12 Lobster+$14

Lambi $44
Savory Slices of Stewed Conch in Kreyol Sauce 

Basa Kreyòl $24
Savory fillet prepared either Steamed/ Kreyol Reduction/ Fried golden 

Signature Barbancourt Shrimp $28
Wild Shrimp Sautéed in Barbancourt/ Tossed in Herbs & Spices

Rebèl Griot $26
Haitian Pork Slow Braised in Spices/ Fried Golden/ Tossed with aromatics & Kreyòl spices 

Rebèl Beef $30
Grass Fed Spiced Beef Slow Braised fried golden or stewed in Kreyòl Sauce

Rebèl Goat $36
Tender chunks of seasoned Goat fried golden or stewed in Kreyol sauce 

Kreyòl Chicken $26
Stewed Chicken Marinated in Traditional Spices 

Legume D’Ayiti

Traditional Haitian vegetable stew made with chayote, eggplant, and squash, and infused with signature Kreyol spices. Served with choice of meat: Shrimp+$10 Beef+$8 Chicken +$6
(Vegetarian $24)

Pain Patate $10
Rich potato bread pudding with sweet spices and coconut

Fried Cheesecake $10
Deep-fried cheesecake with Carmel and Raspberry Drizzle

Red Velvet Cake $10
Kremas Ice Cream $10

29 Clinton Street,New York, NY 10002

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