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Tour of Haiti
Build your own Traditional Fritay choose any combination (served with tropical Pikliz):
  • Akra $6/ Plantains $6/ Sake Pase Shrimp $12 
  • Griot $10/ Goat $14 / Beef $12 / fried fish $10
  • Seafood Fritters $14

Calamari Lakay  $18
Fried Calamari served with signature aioli

Seafood Fritters    $18
Lobster and shrimp fried to golden brown perfection, served with signature aioli

Chiktay Aranso     $16    
Salted Smoked Herring served with green plantains 

Chiktay Rolls $18
Salted Smoked Herring Eggroll fried golden
Caribbean Red Beans and Rice $10
Rebel Wings  $16
Signature Naked Wings tossed in your choice of savory sauce Kreyol/ Spicy Jerk/BBQ/ Hennessy 
Akra (Malanga Fritters)  $12
Fried Taro root grated with fine herbs and spices tropical Pikliz 
Sake Pase Shrimp $18
Kreyòl Seasoned shrimp/ Fried Golden 
Kreyòl Fries $10
Fries with a twist
Djon Djon  $12 

Haitian Black Mushroom Rice

Mac Au Gratin $10

Green/Sweet Plantains $6


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